HashnStore has been elected 2 months ago as an Autority Node Operator for the Factom protocol.

Here is our second Monthly Newsletter. HashnStore remains in line with its application document’s pledges:

  • The four pledged Testnet nodes have now been deployed. They are going to be declared to the Testnet admins shortly.
  • A second back-up node has been deployed increasing the total number of mainnet nodes to four in order to facilitate maintenance operations. This is one node above what we announced in our campaign pledges.
  • A third French Deputy has been contacted recently to get official contacts with public institutions interested in using traceability solutions.
  • The organisation of the conferences hold at a French Business School (INSEEC) in October is being finalised. This conference is likely to take place end of October.
  • The PoC with didactic purposes is being finalised. It will be launched in the next weeks.
  • We still explain the benefit of the Factom protocol and the Blokchain technology to companies. We have started to design a solution for one of them. Hopefully, this will result in a partnership in the next months. Such a partnership would provide us much more visibility to many other companies.
  • The project to apply the Factom protocol to the Smart Grid technology is about to start this month. This project with 6 students from the computer science school ECE is supervised by EIFER (a leading energy research institute) and HashnStore. The students are going to work with an Agent-based modelling of a local electricty market and will have to implement the Factom technology in order to make hundreds of households communicate between each other. This project will span over the next six months. We have also submitted 2 other student projects.

Last but not least, in addition to the time devoted by one of our member to HashnStore, the two other Core members will decrease their work time to dedicate one full day per week to the project. It should be notice that this is going much beyond our pledges: until today, no salary has been paid to any member of HashnStore due to the recent fall in crypto prices.

The HashnStore website is regularly updated. Content available both in French and English is regularly posted there. Same goes for Twitter: follow us !