Here is our third Monthly Newsletter.

HashnStore remains in line with its application document’s pledges:

  • The project to apply the Factom protocol to the Smart Grid technology has started. Document resources have been shared between the students, the R&D Center and HashnStore. Students are currently working on the design of the solution
  • HashnStore will be one of the speaker at an international conference about digitalization and IoT in the energy field. This conference will take place the 28th and the 29th of November in Vienna, Austria.
  • The conference hold at a French Business School is being prepared. This presentation should gather around a hundred of people : students, teachers and people from the business world. It will take place in Paris the 23rd of October.
  • HashnStore has started to develop a solution for the Education world. More information will be soon available.
  • HashnStore members actively participate to blockchain events in Paris – such as CryptoMondays or events at BPIFrance – in order to promote the Factom protocol and to network with interlocutors from the French Blockchain sphere.
  • Last, resources will be soon dedicated to a French course about the Factom protocol.

After this Newsletter the next ones will be released on a quarter basis. The next release will be in January.

The HashnStore website is regularly updated. Content available both in French and English is regularly posted there. Same goes for Twitter: follow us !