This Thursday, June 26th, 2018 was held the third virtual meeting between Factom Authority Node Operators. This meeting brought together up enough speaker to represent 20 node operators out of existing the 21.

The covered topics were mostly related to progresses made by the various committees.

  • Working Group Committee: detailed the progress made on the tools implementation to allow the community to watch and control quantitative and qualitative data about node operators. Node Operators were elected because of their programs, and we have to make sure they will do their best to enforce them.
  • Core, Technical, and Code Deployment Committee: an update was given about the correction of a bug that triggered a little panic among the protocol users, last week. A fix was found and will be shortly deployed.
  • Developer Relations Committee: talked about Factom dedicated Hackaton. The organisation, financial, marketing and technical foundations still have to be defined.
  • Exchange Committee: as Factoids are exchangeable only on Bittrex, it is urgent and important that we find new platforms supporting Factoids trading. The committee shared its progress. An road map is set, and some exchanges have already been reached out. Given the costs involved, additional listings may need the use of a grant from the Grant Pool to be funded.

Other minor points were raised by the remaining committees, such as Marketing, the Strategy Committees, by also the Governance and Legal Committee. Then, were discussed details about the Texas Bitcoin Conference, which will be held in October, that could constitute a good opportunity for node operators to meet and discuss about the protocol.

Finally, the meeting ended by an intervention made by Brian on the upside and consequences of the ongoing audit led by Michael Perklin. To begin with, only the first 11 node operators will be subject to this audit. It will allow to demonstrate the full and effective decentralization of the Factom protocol, while benefiting from the seal of approval of a well respected member of the crypto community.

Documents related to this meeting can be consulted here.