Here is our fourth Letter and our first Quarter Letter.

These last three months we have continued to promote the protocol through different means:

  • By participating to several events in Paris (Blockchain Day, Blockchain Café, Legal Crypto, etc)
  • By presenting the Blockchain principles and the Factom protocol particularly in a business School
  • By presenting the use of the Factom protocol applied to a local electricity market in a conference in Vienna
  • By keeping on following the student project developing a PoC for the local electricity market platform
  • By participating to the discussions on the protocol governance and the associated votes
  • By being part of the Marketing Committee

New discussions are planned with companies of different sectors to better understand their needs and to present the possibilities brought by the Blockchain.

Moreover we are developing a proprietary solution for the needs of one partner Company that will hopefully be released in the coming months (Mainnet Network).
The code of this solution will be optimized in the coming weeks, a windows application and a corresponding website are going to be developed. A graphical identity is currently created. We still investigate GDPR issues.

We have kept our 50% efficiency (2 nodes) and we are still maintaining 4 nodes for the Testnet Network.

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