This Thursday, August 30th, 2018 was held the fourth virtual meeting between Factom Authority Node Operators. This meeting brought together 37 speakers representing 24 node operators out of existing 27. Good to notice: many fresh new ANOS which have not yet on boarded have participated. Once again, a positive indication of the Factom community involvement.

The covered topics were mostly related to progresses made by the various committees.

  • ANO Contributions Working Group : Legal implications on how we can structure tracking of ANO contribution, pledges and general involvement with community. Discussions to resume on Monday.
  • Core, Technical and Code Deployment Committee : The committee is currently investigating together with Factom Inc. to engage external developers in pull request for code. Some legal issues are currently being addressed. The Committee has also investigated stability issues and progressed on incident management procedures for ANOs (still to be ratified). Full progress in this report.
  • Developer Relations Committee : currently this committee is mainly working on facilitating hackaton organisation. For now, Factom Inc. is the only one ANO organising hashckatons with one taking place in Chicago this September. After this one, Factom Inc. will share cost of organizing hackatons.
  • Documentation Committee : The technical documentation has recently been completed with a couple of guide videos.
  • •Exchange Committee : The Poloniex wallet issue has been resolved by Factom Inc whih is great news. Factom is now tradable on both Bittrex and Poloniex. The committee is now structured to reach out to exchanges with the support of a large majority of ANOs. Small exchanges already show interest in adding Factom. Multicoin Capital (recently elected as a Factom Node Operator) is going to join this committee which is a big plus considering their ties to the exchanges. Paul Snow is going to introduce Bitmain to exchange committee members. Bitmain has some connections with exchanges which could help.

Several other topics have been covered: The organisation of the Annual Summit in conjunction with Texas Bitcoin Conference has been confirmed, 3rd party M3 audit by Michael Perklin who is Chief Security Officer of Shapeshift is ongoing and the Neutral Information Website is being developed.

Minutes of this meeting can be consulted here.