Here is our Update for Q1 2019.

Local electricity market platform PoC

This Proof of Concept was done with the cooperation of a team of students from ECE Paris and a German Energy Lab. The results were presented in February. The idea was to use Factom as a mean to store local market data. A discussion is scheduled early April with the Energy Lab to assess how to further this project.

Community Involvement

HashnStore was involved in the community through Matthias. He took the mantle of leadership on the GDPR topic, which is a hot one, here in the European Union, and for every company willing to handle EU citizens’ data. Alongside this tasks, he is involved in various governance discussions. From a network contribution perspective, HashnStore is still running four nodes on the testnet.

Raising Awareness

HashnStore is in contact with several public and private companies. We are debating there cybersecurity and the need for public witnesses, introducing Factom. Among them, are also present solution integrators. We got precious contacts as a result of our exchanges with local deputies. Finally, we are in close relation with a French jurist, from Paris Descartes on the topic of GDPR. It constitutes a good opportunity for HashnStore to be more knowledgeable about the regulation 2016/679, and the technical constraints that stem from it. But also for jurists to educate themselves about the blockchain technology.

HashnStore leveraging Factom

As introduced in the previous quarterly update, HashnStore has been developing a solution leveraging the Factom Protocol capabilities. To this effect, we have been working on a format-agnostic e-signature solution for the past few months. The solution is in its final phase of development, putting the various parts together.

We put in it much efforts to select the best pieces of technology and services out there to end up with a product that can scale, be modular and be GDPR compliant. Its development is being made while taking into consideration the remarks of a partner, and is supervised by an excellent programmer. Following closely the work done to integrate Factom signature functions to Ledger’s, we are expecting to add these features to our solution.

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