This Thursday, September the 27th, 2018 was held the third virtual meeting between Factom Authority Node Operators. This meeting brought together up enough speaker to represent 27 node operators out of the existing 27.

This meeting was the occasion to make a point on some committees work so far:

  • Core, Technical, and Code Deployment Committee : gets back to the various patches that were deployed during this last month.
  • Exchange Committee : raised the idea of trying to get FCT listed on Coinbase. Numerous conditions have to be filled, including not being considered a security by the SEC. Decentralized exchanges also constitute a track that will be pursued. It was also discussed the possibility to extracted from the Grant Pool enough Factoids to pay for potential listing fees.
  • Marketing Committee : the neutral website dedicated to Factom should soon enough be released. It will offer a company-neutral platform for Node Operators to display Factom-related content.

We also discussed other topics. The coming Hackaton in Chicago, aiming at displaying the easiness to deploy smart contracts on top of the Factom protocol. The Factom node operators meeting on the 25th and 26th of October, during the Texas Bitcoin Conference ; because the event occurs during the last Thursday of the month, it was agreed to postpone by a week the virtual meeting. It will hence be held on the 1rst of November. TFA – The Factom Authority – has presented its new project, a new Factom explorer. To end the meeting, Factom Inc, the company which has implemented the protocol, expressed itself on the feasibility to develop a StableCoin on top of Factom. Rather exciting!

Documents related to this meeting can be consulted here.