8th Virtual Meeting of Factom Authority Node Operators.

  • Core, Technical, and Code Deployment Committee: a patch will be deployed on the 1rst of February. It addresses some severe bugs. The Grant Sponsor already reviewed it.
  • Documentation Committee: an interactif portal will be deployed on https://www.factomprotocol.org, to replace the current wiki structure. The roll out should be done in the coming weeks. This update aims to offer more tools for developers.
  • Legal Working Group: the establishment of a Wyoming non-profit organization is still reviewed. This organization would have as a task to represent the Factom Protocol.
  • Marketing Committee: a Media and a Branding pack have been released, to harmonize marketing documents. A Grant has been asked to fund a informative video about the Protocol.

It was decided that a working group would reflect on the best way to assess ANOs’ productivity, and efficiency.

Paul Snow, from Factom Inc, has listed a number of companies interested in the applications of the Factom Protocol. Paul will also advocate for the Protocol at the next Satoshi Roundtable.

Paul Bernier, from LUCIAP, has made a demonstration of the FAT Protocol, allowing the issuance of fungible and non fungible tokens.

Documents related to this meeting can be consulted here.